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Hi, We are San Diego's #1 Labrador Ranch.


Over 15 Years of Breeding Experience

The Labrador Ranch is located in the beautiful eastern San Diego County of Jamul, California. The family has owned and operated the ranch for 25 years, since the beginning of 1994.


Our dogs enjoy playing with the grandkids on the grass and taking walks along our vast property.

English Labradors

   We here, at Labrador Ranch, raise purebred, AKC English labrador retriever puppies.


 We are honored to participate in raising their exquisite champion lines and genetically healthy English Labradors! 


Our family takes great pride in the quality and ancestry of our beautiful English Labrador pups. This particular type of Lab is known for its calmer disposition, with a strong, thick bones, broad frame, square head, short snout and otter tail.


All of our pups are AKC certified and our puppies are sold with guarantees of great health!  


     We currently have four, sweet and energetic dams, named "Guera",”Lucy”,”Marlyn” and “Lala” who are all different shades of Yellow Lab, and one Chocolate sire named "Tango". 


Free Range Breeding

With over 13 acres of property our dogs are free to roam as they mature, whether it be our small hills to run or our Man-made Lake or dogs and puppies get the experience of a lifetime.

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